Uplifting music for motivation and inspiration

Even though I recovered from Anorexia ten years ago, I’m very open and candid about the fact that my journey continues when it comes to being completely well mentally (and physically) because I still have anxiety and body dysmorphic disorder. So there are days when I need to be productive, I need to get up and go, and I just can’t. It’s like being crushed by a giant weight I can’t push off, however hard I try. And it’s worse, because I know I have to face the day and I’ve usually got millions of things to do! This happens especially on dark, dank days when the sun doesn’t decide to show its face – and we have a lot of those days here in England.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years (even in the absence of the sun) is that music can help with this. Certain types just lift my heart a little and I feel able to potter about and do things – even if they’re only small jobs. At other times I feel invincible and get LOADS done – just by listening to a few playlists.

What music??

Music is subjective of course and it depends on taste. I’m one of those people who loves pretty much every kind of music (apart from the screamy heavy metal stuff and loud opera – both hurt my ears!) I have a real mixed bag of artists if you were to browse my iTunes – from Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne to Louis Armstrong, Etta James and Einaudi (a classical pianist). It all depends what mood I’m in – and what I want to do. Acoustic tracks and piano music are good for writing sometimes, but at other times I need a kick up the arse. Uplifting music takes soo many forms – it all depends on what you want it to do and how you’re feeling.


I LOVE soul music – it’s my go-to for everything. I found a few playlists on free internet radio 8 tracks which I’d love to share with you – even if it’s not your thing, give it a listen in the background. It’s feel-good, happy, genuine music and for me it’s hard to be unhappy when I’ve got my soul on.

R n B

RnB is great because for those of you who hate old music (:() there’s a modern reincarnation of it for you to enjoy. I love Jhene Aiko, The Weekend, Trey Songz and Neyo for chilled, soulful music.


Rap is great for this but also electronic, house or dance music with a rapid solid beat. Obviously I always listen to this type of thing at the gym but I also like listening to it if I’ve got a job to finish or need to feel excited and upbeat.


If you’re really after something very subdued and calming then for me piano music and relaxation songs are the best. The sort you listen to in a spa (with chimes and whales) do send me to sleep so I can’t always listen to them for long unless they have got a beat to them – and there’s a fair few ambient, ethnic tracks that do!


I love it when people make mixes on Youtube or Soundcloud which incorporate sometimes almost subliminal messages into decent music which gets you going and motivates your mind all at the same time. Harmonic Vibrations on free playlist sharing site 8tracks is one of my favourites for this – you can check their page out here.


What’s your go to music (if you have any!)?



Soap Nut, Shikakai and Rhassoul clay shampoo for hair loss – Recovery hair


You might have seen that recently in my hair loss quest (I lost a considerable amount of hair for the third time last year) I’ve gone all-natural in my quest to find a solution. I’m very lucky in that my hair is growing back thick and strong (although this hair is only 3-4 inches long at the moment!) but I want to maintain that growth, in addition to the health of my hair and scalp, to hopefully ensure no further hair loss takes place.

I posted about Rhassoul Clay and its benefits for the hair and scalp a few weeks back – and although I loved it as a shampoo I did feel it was a little drying and that I needed something more than just Rhassoul in the mix. On further research I discovered that a basic Indian shampoo is comprised of Soapnut and Shikakai – then often mixed with Rhassoul, Henna, Amla or other ingredients to further benefit the hair. I read a lot of good reviews online, so I decided to give it a try.

What is Soapnut (or Reetha) powder?

Soapnuts are used as a natural cleansing and conditioning agent which have been used for centuries in Indian culture for washing the hair and body. It effectively cleans the hair without stripping the scalp, restoring softness and shine. It’s great for hair loss and an unhealthy scalp because it’s all natural and contains vitamins A, D, E and K. Because of these aspects, and especially when combined with Shikakai, Soapnut helps to strengthen, lengthen and encourage regrowth of hair – keeping the scalp AND the hair happy is a powerful tool in combatting hair loss.

The powdered form is SO easy to use. Some do say they boil the nuts and make shampoo that way but honestly I don’t have the time, patience or attention span for that!!

What is Shikakai?

Shikakai strengthens the hair and cleanses just as Soapnut does – but where Soapnut (and Rhassoul especially) can cause the hair to become knotted, Shikakai combats this with detangling properties. It softens the hair whilst giving it lots of healthy volume and shine – plus it stimulates hair growth and nourishes the scalp preventing dandruff and flakiness.

Together, Soapnut, Shikakai and Rhassoul provide a perfect pH and a powerful combination of hair and scalp loving vitamins and minerals to aid in combatting hair loss. Without any moisture they can be a bit drying, so they’re really best combined in a recipe for optimum results.

How do I use it?

I mix a dessertspoon (around half a tablespoon) of Soapnut powder and Shikakai powder in an applicator bottle (you can get these from eBay for £1 or just use a plastic bowl) with about the same amount of Rhassoul (your bowl and mixing implement need to be non-metal as this reacts with Rhassoul clay) and then add a little boiling water and mix or shake until I have a foaming paste. It looks a lot like a runny, creamy shampoo consistency which is good (If you’ve tried Rhassoul on its own, you’ll know that it’s a little like cement dissolved in water – you get none of that with this!)

Then I add a few drops (I’d say around a teaspoon) of Argan Oil or Almond Oil (I use pure organic oil from Argan Liquid Gold). The shampoo does have a funky, ‘spicy’ scent but it’s nothing you don’t get used to after a while and it doesn’t linger on your hair once it’s dry. I love using essential oils in my shampoo – I usually add rosemary essential oil as it has fabulous hair-loving properties which help to repair and soothe the scalp but Cedarwood and Peppermint oils are also good and you can also use essential oils just for the scent, like Orange and Rose (I use pure Rose essential oil from Thailand – it’s TO DIE FOR!).

So, now for the application. I apply mine like a spa treatment in the bath so that when it goes everywhere (which it inevitably does!) it goes into the bath and not on the bathroom floor. Then I soak and leave it on for around half and hour then wash it off still sitting in the bath tub. I won’t lie, it’s incredibly messy. But so worth it!!

The good thing about Soapnut is that it foams and lathers up a little bit like conventional shampoo. I scoop it out with my fingers and apply to directly to my scalp, gently massaging my hair over the covered areas. I make sure my whole scalp is covered – I usually just pour the rest of the mixture over my head. I don’t bother too much about the ends of my hair, because they tend to get covered in the mixture by default and of course the ends of your hair don’t need washing as the scalp does. The Shikakai does make it quite gritty, so it’s a little like rubbing in and washing mud and gravel out of your hair (well, that’s exactly what it’s like),

The BAD NEWS about this shampoo is that it is an absolute NIGHTMARE to use and wash out if you’re used to ‘normal’ shampooing and hair washing. The GOOD NEWS is that you only have to wash your hair once a week – because your hair is returning to its natural state and is not getting greasy so quickly. Also the less you wash your hair the better it will be for the health of your hair and on improving hair loss.

I just stick my head under the shower for at least 5-10 minutes until the water runs clear and I can’t find any grit. I always find at least one little piece when my hair is dry but that’s fine as they come out easily.

Once your hair is rinsed clean, wrap it up in a warm towel and leave it to dry (don’t use heat when you’re suffering from hair loss!!). As always, don’t brush until it’s dry.

There you have it – the method seems lengthy when you first read it, but I promise that after one or two gos you will be sold as I was and won’t mind the slight hassle when you see the incredible effect it has on your hair. Go on – give it a go – and let me know how you get on!




Tough Cookie is a blog for support and inspiration during recovery from Anorexia. Eating disorder recovery can be tough – but so are you!


5 tips to feel better NOW during recovery


Bad day? No problem!

Talk to someone about themselves: Yep, anyone! It can get really tiring just talking about ourselves and our situation all the time, especially if it is in a negative capacity. Go and ask someone a question – not only will it make them feel good, but you’ll get to know lots about that person and may even be able to offer them advice or learn something new. It’s really refreshing to talk about something you never normally would – especially if your daily dialogue usually revolves around health care and food.

Go out and spend some time in the sunshine: I am a self-confessed sun fiend (I actually NEED it to function properly at all!) and even now I always feel better for a little time spent with its warm rays on my face. When I was poorly, a couple of the nurses would wheel me out into the sun because they knew how much it benefited me – physically and mentally. The sun has been shown to help lift mood and also restores vital vitamins in the body such as vitamin D which is very much needed during recovery. Obviously too much sun exposure is bad for us so if you’re sensitive make sure you’re wearing protection and don’t lie in it all day!

Do something which you enjoy: Even if you don’t feel like it. Read a book, paint a picture, sketch, play a computer game, have a go on the drums or the guitar (whatever floats your boat – I’m just guessing!) Take a long shower, or if you’re able to, a bath is also great for relaxing and uplifting. Go all out with candles and your favourite smellies – paint your nails, indulge in a face mask. Just half an hour out of a crappy day giving yourself a break can often be enough to change it around.

Have a go at havening: I’m really interested in how techniques such as NLP and havening can help recovery – not just for eating disorders but also for anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia and more. My lovely friend Geraldine has used touch therapy and NLP extensively in her own life and with her family and it has really made an incredible difference. I’m only just learning more about it, but if you’re interested check out this simple article in which Paul Mckenna introduces havening and shares an easy ten minute technique you can try.

Watch an inspirational video or film: I know it sounds a bit silly but honestly, it’s remarkable how uplifting and inspiring some movies can be. It doesn’t have to be heavy or intellectual or spiritual – just a film that makes you feel good! Perhaps it’s a film from your childhood, or even a TV show. If you want to try something new, take a look at some of the inspirational videos on Youtube. There’s lots of them – many of them have beautiful photographs and offer a new perspective on life which you might be able to take something away from.


We all have bad days – and it’s completely understandable that you may be having more than most at the moment. Remember that one bad day isn’t a setback, it’s not a failure, it’s simply a bad day. Give yourself a break, remember how far you’ve come and focus on your future goals – you’ll get there 🙂

If you’re into beauty, why not have a look at these simple uplifting beauty rituals to brighten your day?



Tough Cookie is a blog for support and inspiration during recovery from Anorexia. Eating disorder recovery can be tough – but so are you!


Natural cocoa dry shampoo for hair loss


When I first stopped using chemical shampoos and started only washing my hair once a week to help my hair grow, I relied on dry shampoo about once a week to keep my hair looking fresh. Then I realised with horror that my ‘natural’ dry shampoo was full of chemicals too!

With that in mind, I scoured the internet for a natural alternative. A lot of these included baking powder which as we’ve already discussed is not the best thing to put on your hair. After a little while I found this recipe using cocoa – and it sounded good and simple enough to try!

All you need is:

  • A pot to store the shampoo in
  • 2 tbsp Arrowroot Powder, Cornflour or Rice Starch
  • 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder

Pop a spoonful of each into a bowl and mix them well. Then use your fingers to apply it to the roots of your hair where you feel it is needed. It’s that simple!

If you have blonde hair, you can omit the cocoa or put less in so that it doesn’t discolour your hair.

More natural recovery beauty here!



Tough Cookie is a blog for support and inspiration during recovery from Anorexia. Eating disorder recovery can be tough – but so are you!


5 simple calming beauty rituals


Guaranteed to brighten any bad day!

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes it can feel like NOTHING will make you feel even a tiny bit better. You might not feel like it, but taking care of yourself in a way that doesn’t involve food can really make a difference to even the crappiest day. You can do these calming beauty rituals alone or with friends and family – plus they can be really simple or you can go to town! The choice is yours. Which one will you pick?

Rosewater Mini-Facial

There’s nothing like a bit of aromatherapy to lift your mood and brighten your day! The scent of roses has been proven to have a calming and uplifting effect on your mind and your body – plus rosewater has lots of skin-loving properties which are fabulous for all types of skin. I always tone my face morning and night with rosewater, but sometimes in the middle of the day I feel a bit oily or fancy a bit of a treat. Close your eyes and with a soft cotton pad gently smooth the rosewater all over your face. Mario Badescu has a beautiful Rosewater Toner with added Aloe Vera which is also beautiful – I keep it with me to spritz on the go! You can find pure rosewater online or at Asian grocery stores – just make sure its therapeutic or food grade.

Treat your feet

If you’re anything like me, your feet will be pretty battered. My circulation is still terrible, so my feet need a bit of extra love now and again. Invest in a plastic washing up bowl (you can get them from bargain and pound shops for pence!) and fill it with warm water, bubble bath and natural oil (olive oil and almond oil work REALLY well). If you like, add a few drops of essential oil. Essential oils can work wonders for the mind and body – each has different properties, or you might just like the smell of one in particular. I love sweet orange, rose, peppermint and almond. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes and relax! If you’re feeling fancy or love a regular foot treat then perhaps invest in an electric foot spa – they’re not pricey and just make the experience that little bit more luxurious.

Nail it

I always feel better with my nails done (hands and feet!). Plus research has shown that little things like having our nails painted a bright, happy colour can actually have a positive effect on mood. If you can’t afford to go to the salon, don’t worry – there are lots of good, inexpensive polish brands out there which can do the trick. I like Mavala, OPI and Barry M – plus you can check our this tutorial which promises an ‘at home’ gel manicure which lasts for weeks without the price tag!

Care for your hair

I talk a lot about hair loss on the blog because it’s a real problem for lots of people with eating disorders, anxiety and other mental health problems which cause the body and mind any sort of trauma. Why not take 10 minutes to give your hair a bit of a treat? Gently massage in a conditioning treatment – the best thing you can do is to use natural oils like avocado, castor, almond or coconut (you can take a look at my Rosemary Hair Oil recipe here). There’s something really therapeutic about sitting with a hair mask on under a warm towel, knowing it’s doing its magic under there. You can even combine it with my next tip!

Home-made face-pack

I love slathering on a natural face pack, sitting back and relaxing. There’s nothing like removing a pack to reveal fresh, soft glowing skin – plus it forces you to sit and relax because you can’t do much with a load of gunk on your face! Face masks are simple and cheap to make:

For dry skin:

– Blend 1 avocado with a little honey and yoghurt

Mix equal amounts of raw oats, water and milk with a little honey

For normal skin:

 – Mix a couple egg whites and lemon juice for a clarifying mask

– Banana milkshake – mash a banana with a little milk and slather all over your face (this one’s edible!)

For oily skin:

– Coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey (this one’s edible too!)

– Bentonite clay with water and honey


Got any simple, uplifting beauty rituals of your own? Share them with me!



Tough Cookie is a blog for support and inspiration during recovery from Anorexia. Eating disorder recovery can be tough – but so are you!


Inspirational women: Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson baby

Kelly Clarkson has recently made a comeback after some well-earned time off to start a family. Whether you like her music or not, it’s hard to deny that she’s got an incredible voice – and she always seems SO nice and genuine along with it.

So I was really sad when last week she was the target of several bullying comments aimed at her because of her size. She’s always had a yo-yo weight issue which she openly admits – and coming into the public eye having just had a baby means she’s understandably a little heavier than she might like to be. Either way, she’s still beautiful!!

Unfortunately there’s a few others who (maybe they’re jealous) have overlooked her musical talent and the fact that she has just had a baby to poke holes in her with vicious ‘fat’ comments. First to wade in was public hate figure Katie Hopkins – who in fairness has probably offended every single person in this country and abroad with her racist, sexist, fattist and generally unkind comments. She felt the need to hit out at Kelly on Twitter, suggesting she had ‘eaten all of her backing singers.’ She also made out that having a baby a year ago ‘was no excuse’ for being ‘fat’.

Then two American radio hosts made cruel remarks about how she ‘blew up’ and should ‘stay off the deep dish pizza’ live on air (she just had a BABY???). They’ve since apologised sincerely – but really the damage has already been done for millions on insecure women who are vulnerable after having a child and feel fat and ugly. Nice one guys.

The nasty jibes Kelly’s been subjected to this month have been labelled ‘fat-shaming’ by the press. Isn’t ‘fat-shaming’ a horrible word? It almost suggests that it was deserved in some way.

Poor Kelly!

But honestly it looks like I’m probably more upset about this whole fiasco than she is. She (quite rightly) said:

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world. Say what you will. I’ve just never cared what people think. It’s more if I’m happy and I’m confident and feeling good, that’s always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family—I don’t seek out any other acceptance.”

Amen!! I’m glad Kelly has this level of confidence but for many of us that’s just not a reality – and these comments would have really stung.

If you’re being bullied or if you ever have anyone make an unkind comment about you – remember – your life is nothing to do with them. Their motive for trying to make you feel bad about yourself says more about them than it does about you – it’s probably the result of their own jealousy or insecurity – or perhaps they’re just stupid!! Either way, know you’re beautiful as you are just like Kelly, and that there’s much, much more to you than how you look.



Inspirational Women: Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel Campaign

You might have read my post on Belle Vere a couple of years ago – and if you did, you won’t be surprised to hear that this week I was SO happy to see this campaign in the headlines!

Lingerie giant Cacique’s range by Lane Bryant launched last week – with a brilliant ad campaign which directly challenges the controversial Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ campaign a few months ago. Provocatively titled ‘I’m No Angel’ with the tagline ‘I’m all kinds of sexy’ (CLEARLY referencing the elitist nature of VS advertising and lingerie sizing) – five of the world’s top plus size models (including Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine and Marquita Pring) are beautifully photographed beaming in black and white, looking like they’re having an incredible time.

The label ‘plus size’ does still annoy me a bit because honestly, it should read ‘normal sized’ – but there you go! It’s still really refreshing to see beautiful women who aren’t underweight or incredibly slim in a major ad campaign.

Do you like the #I’mNoAngel campaign? See more photos below!







Foods For Recovery: Avocado


I have to admit I don’t eat lots of fruit – but avocado is one of my favourite fruits. Embarrassingly I thought it was a vegetable until not that long ago (oops!) I often have avocado with smoked salmon or in salads – it’s really versatile and some people even make desserts with avocado!

For me it’s a great recovery food because it’s really nutritious and dense in good things for the body. Even a small serving provides good amounts of vitamins K, C, B5, B6 and E – PLUS Magnesium, Iron, Potassium Zinc, Thiamin, Riboflavin and Niacin. Phew! That’s without mentioning that avocadoes are full of healthy fats which are good for the body as a whole but especially the heart, in addition to high amounts of fibre which make it easily digestible.

You can make a really easy guacamole simply by mashing an avocado with chopped tomatoes and paprika – or simply slice it up and enjoy it with cheese, steak or fish. If you’re not a fan (it is a little slimy which isn’t to everyone’s taste!) then how about popping it in a smoothie?

Are you trying avocado?



Tough Cookie is a blog for support and inspiration during recovery from Anorexia. Eating disorder recovery can be tough – but so are you!


Pro-Ana becomes illegal in France

Despite controversy, this news earlier this week was so encouraging for me.

Now anyone found to be running vile Pro-Ana or ‘Thinspiration’ websites in France may be landed with a prison sentence (of up to one year) or at best a hefty fine of up to ten thousand euros. I’m really pleased that it is now being recognised that eating disorders can be influenced and started online, and I’m hoping that the threat of punishment may deter some sites from operating as they do.

Although this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, I’ve got a couple of concerns. Why can’t we do something like this in the UK? And perhaps more importantly why aren’t internet providers (Google and Social Media sites) taking any responsibility in this globally? When I spoke to my MP he told me he had campaigned relentlessly in parliament to legislate against the internet providers themselves allowing harmful content to be seen online – but to no avail.

Charity Beat rightly said that really what we want to do is encourage people to pro-recovery sites (well, you’re already here!!) to feel understood and listened to rather than turning to sites and forums full of people who are poorly and may make you poorly (or worse) as a consequence. An eating disorder often thrives on tips and validation from others – both things which these sites provide.  “We want people to be influenced by pro-recovery sites instead” said Mary George. Of course I agree – that’s why I do what I do.

Another concern the charity raised is that many ‘Pro-Ana’ sites are run by people who are suffering themselves. Or rather they are run BY an eating disorder – which from experience I know can encourage you to try and enforce your way of living on others and look at people who are ‘normal’ as ‘fat’ and ‘weak’ for not ‘achieving’ what you have. It’s difficult for others (and probably for the law) to separate a person and their actions from their mental illness.

The thing is, I would NEVER have gone that far. I might have preached about calories and looked upon anyone eating a healthy-sized meal with disdain, but I wouldn’t have wanted people to be ill. Clearly there are other mental health issues to be addressed when it comes to people who run these sites – and there certainly has to be some malice recognised in the practise of making others poorly. Additionally (and more frighteningly) some sites are run by people who don’t have eating disorders. These people in my opinion are actually responsible for manslaughter – so this law does cover them in some way.

Whatever your opinion on this law, I think it’s important to be positive about the fact that action is finally being taken in some form. It’s a step in the right direction, even if you think that France hasn’t made exactly the right choice in what they are doing.

What I’d like to see is the UK (and other countries) taking Pro-Ana and Thinspo sites much more seriously – and recognising in the process that prevention is much better than cure. I’d also like to see Google, Twitter, Facebook and the like take responsibility and start removing harmful content – because whilst I’ve never been on a Pro-Ana website (and would never, ever go on one) all the time I’m bombarded with images on social media and in the news which make me feel bad.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions on this.



Tough Cookie is a blog for support and inspiration during recovery from Anorexia. Eating disorder recovery can be tough – but so are you!


Foods for Recovery – Coconut


I am an official coconut mega-fan. I have coconut every day – that’s how much I love it!

My love for coconut started when I started with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) a few years ago, because I can digest it with no problems. I started using desiccated coconut in my food and then began to use coconut oil and coconut flour in my baking.

Fast forward a few years, and coconut has recently been hailed a superfood (something I was delighted about!). With that, many products have seen increased popularity. Coconut oil and coconut flour are now widely used and much more readily available.

So why is coconut so good for you?

Coconut has such a wide range of benefits for the body in all its forms. Coconut oil in particular is a good all-rounder for the body because it is rich in fatty acids and is a good source of energy as well as containing Lauric Acid, which has lots of different uses in the body but notably helps maintain healthy skin and hair. It also helps to look after your digestive tract as it has anti-microbial pro-biotic properties which keep stomach nasties and yeast at bay.

What coconut products can I try?

Coconut is really versatile – meaning there’s lots of different by-products. Here are a few I use below, what they are and how you can use them.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is what you can hear sloshing around inside a coconut – but the type you drink comes from a young coconut which is softer and green – not the matured brown hairy variety. It’s rich in electrolytes (which aid hydration) and naturally sweet, yet fairly low in sugar. The best way to enjoy coconut water is straight out of a fresh young green coconut – but unfortunately we don’t have that luxury here in the UK! There are lots of different varieties of coconut water now, some with added fruit pulps which are very nice. I like Zico and Unoco – and Vita Coco do lovely ‘lemonade’ and ‘mango’ varieties.

Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil a lot in my baking and also have a spoonful every morning with my breakfast. It has a distinctive sweet coconut flavour – some people use it in savoury dishes but I only like it for sweets! Along with coconut water, coconut oil was arguably the first coconut product to receive renowned nutritional status. Tesco now sell cold-pressed, organic coconut oil for around £6 but Coconoil, Lucy Bee, Biona and Tiana are all good quality brands which can be found online.

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is similar to coconut oil but is less greasy and has the same relationship to coconut oil as olive oil spread might have to olive oil. I use coconut butter in baking and for making raw chocolate – it has a less strong coconut flavour than the oil but is rich and creamy. I like Biona Coconut Bliss – but Tiana also do lots of different types of oils and butters some with added Omega 3.

Coconut Flour         

Coconut flour is basically dried milled coconut meat which takes a powdery flour-like form. It’s higher in protein than its counterparts and is also rich in fibre as well as having some of the other antioxidant and nutritional benefits of coconut. It’s really versatile and great for baking; it has a sweet slightly coconutty taste so if I don’t want to make a coconut dish I usually mix it with almond or rice flour. You can get coconut flour from lots of online health stores or on eBay.

Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut palm sugar or ‘palm sugar’ comes from the sap of flowers from the coconut palm tree. It looks like brown sugar and similarly has a rich caramel flavour which I just love and which makes it perfect for toffee and caramel dishes – but for that reason it’s not always suitable for lighter desserts. I use organic coconut sugar which can be sourced quite easily online from Biona or eBay.

Flaked/Desiccated Coconut

The most familiar form of coconut in western diets until its emergence as a popular health food, the older generations of our families will be familiar with coconut from ice buns and coconut ice sweets! It is made from dried coconut meat which is then flaked either into tiny pieces or larger shavings. You can find unsweetened desiccated coconut in most supermarkets.

Fancy trying coconut for yourself? There’s plenty of coconut recipes in my book – take a look here.

Coconut is also one of my favourite beauty products!



Tough Cookie is a blog for support and inspiration during recovery from Anorexia. Eating disorder recovery can be tough – but so are you!