Tough Cookie was created to help people living with eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder and low self-esteem live healthily and happily. Through sharing my experience with my books, talks and training courses I hope to help people from all walks of life, with or without the above diagnoses, to develop a better relationship with their bodies and minds.


Who am I?

I had a tumultuous relationship with myself for over a decade until I decided that I had to start trying to change things around for myself. I had Anorexia when I was 14, and whilst I recovered fully from that I was never able to shake off those demons which forced me to believe I wasn’t good enough – to hate myself and the way I looked. Ever since my recovery I have wanted to help others by offering a positive, honest perspective on the world – and a huge part of what I do is helping all women (and men!) to feel better in their own skin in a world which increasingly encourages us to scrutinise and ‘improve’ ourselves.


My Philosophy 

I strongly believe that our society has a lot to answer for when it comes to the way we feel about ourselves and the mounting pressure we find upon us to lead ‘perfect’ lives. The good thing about that is if we created this climate of pressure and perfectionism, we can undo it. We can slowly teach ourselves and the next generation to value the things that really matter and to feel comfortable in our own skin – taking responsibility for ourselves and feeling empowered and fulfilled as a result. You can only live your life to the full when you let go of who you think you should be – I know that from personal experience.


A Positive Perspective

A huge part of what I do involves looking at things in a positive way. That doesn’t just include Anorexia but encompasses every element of life. Specifically concerning what I do I like to look at every situation positively – so I believe we CAN change our perspective, we CAN live happily and healthily, we CAN improve body image and self-esteem and we CAN beat Anorexia.


My Promise

I say I am the alternative because I don’t believe in making money out of misery. I genuinely want to help people through sharing my experiences – and to do that, I have to share them in a responsible and useful way. With that in mind, I stick to three principle promises with Tough Cookie.

I promise never to be irresponsible or to share anything which I don’t believe to be helpful.

I promise never to discuss my lowest weight publicly in a sensational capacity or to post naked photographs of myself when I was poorly.

I promise always to be positive, open and honest.

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