Blueberries – A True Superfood

We hear a lot banded around nowadays about ‘Super-foods’ – another baffling inclusion to our diet. Like red wine and dark chocolate – one minute they are good for you, the next they are branded unhealthy. Remember my motto – everything in moderation!

However some foods really do have super powers and are great to feed our bodies inside out with yummy nutrients.

Blueberries are some of my favourites – I eat them with pure, thick Greek Yoghurt or in a smoothie.

So what’s the hype?

We’ve all heard of nutrients, but Blueberries contain a large range of micro-nutrients, including Vitamins C, E and K, and dietary fibre which keeps your digestive system moving along nicely. That’s not all! Blueberries also contain Phytonutrients which help protect against ageing.

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Blueberries – a true superfood


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