Castor Oil – Hair Loss Saviour

castor oil

You may have read some of my posts about hair loss – something which affects many women for a number of reasons additional to anxiety and eating disorders. Whatever the case, hair loss can result in a severe lack of confidence and cripplingly low self-esteem.

Recently I started losing my hair for the third time. Obviously I was devastated, and became more and more panicky the longer it continued. Patches started to show and my long hair began to hang thinly in limp strings. I cut about 4 inches off it to create the illusion of thickness and improve the sad-looking appearance of it.

About a month ago I also started using Alpecin caffeine shampoo and a Wella SP serum I first used when I was 14 which has always been really effective. There’s been a small improvement with these, but nothing remarkable, nothing which stopped me scraping it into a tiny ponytail with despair each day.

I love Pinterest, and I was searching it for hair loss solutions. I came across a myriad of posts about Castor Oil and its hair thickening properties, and decided to try it. I read that the darker Castor Oil was more potent than its lighter counterparts – Amla had also been cited as a hair-loving ingredient, so I opted for the pure Jamaican Mango and Lime Black Castor Oil with Amla.

Castor Oil promotes hair health and prevents breakage by swelling the hair root to make it look thicker. It also has antibacterial properties which help to heal and cleanse the scalp. The oil is really thick and I was a little nervous about slathering it all over my head – my hair is very straight and fine anyway so getting oil out of it has always been a bit of a challenge. Desperate, however, I did so with gusto and left it on for a few hours while I went to the gym.

When I washed the oil out, my hair didn’t feel weighed down or greasy. I hoped it was all out and blow dried it upside down as normal.

I have never seen volume like that with any expensive hair product I have ever used before! My hair just looked like it used to, thick and swishy yet not at all weighed down by the oil. I felt so happy and confident; my comfort blanket was back. Of course, by the next day it was looking flat and dreary again. However after using the Alpecin every wash and doing a Castor Oil treatment once every week I have seen a huge amount of growth at the base of my scalp. So many little baby hairs growing in thick clumps around my hairline, and a lot less falling around the house.

I’d definitely recommend trying Castor Oil if you’re struggling with hair loss. I’ve used it in conjunction with Alpecin; so this may also be an option for double-growth. Coupled with my tips in my other hair loss posts, hopefully you should see some progress!



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