Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds – Beautiful Means Nothing

I’m 24 – but since the age of 11 I’ve struggled to believe that I am ‘beautiful’. This is despite the fact that for half this time people have told me otherwise.

This video is about highlighting how superficial and false ‘beauty’ is. We see ‘beautiful’ people and we want to look like them – for recognition, for confidence, for security. But inside those people don’t always agree with your admiration. Inside they may be unhappy, insecure, depressed. So really, outer beauty has nothing to do with happiness. It’s inner beauty you need! Find out why here:


Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds – There’s More Than One Type of Beauty

It’s fair to say we’re constantly sold one idea of beauty by society. But it’s also fair to say that this image changes depending on where we live, and who we hang out with! Therefore how can you not be beautiful??

Someone, somewhere wants what you’ve got. You may not know it, but somewhere in the world you are considered to be particularly beautiful. Just because the world you live in worships other types of beauty or doesn’t see your worth, doesn’t mean you’re not pretty or worth love! This video is all about remembering that you ARE beautiful – no matter what.



Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds – How to love (or at least like!) your body

Anyone who reads the blog or who has read my books knows I’m not really into ‘loving yourself’. I think it’s a bit much – and it’s an unrealistic expectation to have of someone who’s spent a decent amount of time hating themselves. But ‘like’ doesn’t really make this sound like an exciting post – so despite the attention-grabbing name in this video I discuss my journey from hate to like, and describe how just finding a few things I felt positive about changed my whole perspective 🙂



Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds – How to Stop Feeling Fat

So everyone feels fat from time to time – even though they’re not! We’re all so aware of how we look these days that unfortunately it’s difficult not to sometimes feel inadequate or ugly. But feeling fat can take over your life (as it did mine for over a decade). Here I talk about how to stop feeling fat – and why it’s healthier to decide that actually your brain has a lot to answer for when you’re sat feeling bad about yourself. Ignorance is bliss!



Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds – Letting Go of Perfect

‘Perfect’ (in every sense – not just physically) has a massive role to play in the development of Anorexia, Bulimia and other mental health problems. I’m a perfectionist, and this has definitely contributed to and exacerbated my conditions over the years. Concentrating purely on our aesthetic perception of ourselves though, perfect is something we’re taught is attainable. We’re made to feel as though we ‘should’ be perfect, and anything less is ‘ugly’. But wait – there’s no such thing as perfect – so how can this be? It’s easy to know that you shouldn’t be striving for perfect – deep down, everyone knows it can’t exist, and everyone’s version of perfect differs from the next. But it’s harder to let go of that concept we’ve fallen in love with. In this video I briefly explain how I let go and how you can, too!


Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds – Find One Thing

Here’s my latest video for Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds, based on one of the chapters in my body image book Tough Love. I found that identifying just one thing I liked (a TINY thing!) forced me to believe that there could be other things, too. We’re often encouraged to ‘love ourselves’ – but self love is difficult when you’re battling personal demons which cause you to feel bad about yourself. So let’s start with like – and one thing, rather than everything!