Comparison is The Thief of Joy

The author of this quote is unknown; however they were incredibly wise.

I talk a lot about comparison. And this sums up my opinion on it.

Body Dysmorphia I believe is fuelled almost completely by comparison. What is it that first makes us think ‘Something is wrong with me?’ A throwaway comment perhaps. Or maybe you see so much of other people, and see that they aren’t the same as you. And that makes you think, ‘Why am I different?’

Children see ‘different’ as ‘wrong’. Which is why anybody who stands out gets picked on.

We appear to take this philosophy through the later life with us, and instead of using it as beating stick against others, we turn it on ourselves.

Have you noticed how generally your comparisons are opinions? And rarely positive?

“She’s fatter than me.”

“He’s more built than me.”

“My skin isn’t as nice as hers.”

Ever heard a positive comparison?

Someone always loses. And that person is usually you.

Instead of making comparisons, try to see other people and admire their beauty impartially. Try to see them as someone different, not somebody that you can, and should, emulate. Look at yourself kindly and try to make a list of the things you like. You don’t have to like everything!

And don’t forget how many people are looking at you and comparing themselves unfavourably to you. They want to look like you. And there you are, wanting to look like someone else! Isn’t this ironic?




Comparison is the thief of joy…


3 thoughts on “Comparison is The Thief of Joy

  1. It is hard. I do get favourable comparisons some time but it’s always about the things that I think aren’t quite right (my height normally – I have a lot of it). I’m getting less self critical as teh older I get teh less I care about what people think. It’s taken lots of practise though and sometime a throw away comment from some one else sticks and starts eroding all my good work!
    Do you do alot of comparing to others?

    1. Yes, sometimes things that others see as positives are actually negatives to you and make you feel worse, even though they’re intended as compliments!
      Definitely I have had a lot of issues comparing myself to others but as you say, as time goes on I do it less and less and am happy in my own skin. We all have bad days though – and sometimes I’m terrible for looking at everyone else and then chastising myself over imaginary ‘flaws’!

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