Curves – As Harmful As Skinny?

There’s a lot in the media about a desire to be ‘skinny’ affecting the mental and physical health of women in today’s society. But I wanted to address a less-publicised issue, which involves curves. Or more precisely, ‘curves in all the right places.’

When is a woman ‘curvy’ and when is she ‘fat’? Surely this comes down to perception. For me, being curvy involves going in and out like an hourglass, with good cleavage,a round bum and tiny waist. How many of us really have this figure?

To me, it’s another unrealistic ideal. Just as it’s true for most of us that we will never have the lithe, long legs of a Victoria’s Secret model, it’s also true that a lot of women aren’t shaped perfectly. This promotion of a specific shape again makes us think that there is something ‘wrong’ with us the way we are. So you’re flat up top and have got a huge backside? Or maybe you have big boobs and a flat bum? We start to feel inadequate because things aren’t perfect – but as we all know, NOBODY is perfect.

I’ve included a picture of Kim Kardashian below, before and after photoshop with her famous curves. She hasn’t needed to be altered much – but note how the proportion of her hips and chest are maintained whilst her waist and legs have been slimmed down.

What do we all think about this? Personally I find curves more beautiful than skinny, but I think it’s important to know that curves come in all shapes and sizes.




5 thoughts on “Curves – As Harmful As Skinny?

  1. Look at how much thinner they have made her look all together, it’s as if she is naturally too fat to be curvy, which is obviously not true. I also think it’s important to note that she is Armenian, between races there physical differences, and i think due to genetics it’s far less likely that a Caucasian women will ever have a figure like this. And why have they felt the need to change her skin colour. She has a fantastic body before all the photoshop, and also a much more believable one!
    Nora X

    1. Exactly! Yes, different races are more prone to different shapes and sizes and this is something I explore in my ‘Ideas of Beauty’ – because of racial differences every culture has different ideas! I agree – she had a beautiful golden skintone before they changed it. Perhaps this is to appeal to an Asian audience who prefer to be paler?
      Thanks for your views – very interesting and very true!
      Rose xx

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