Are Disney Princesses REALLY bad Role Models?



I’ve seen a lot in the press recently about Disney Princesses and how they misrepresent women for the younger generation. They do this, according to these articles, in a number of ways. Firstly by being ‘skinny’ in size (yet we let children play with Barbies and expose them to overly thin celebrities), secondly for being ‘too beautiful’ (irrelevant; naturally most people in the public eye are ‘good looking’) and thirdly for their over-dependence and emphasis on relationships with men (these films are often based on fairy-tales set in older times when this was the norm).

What these people disregard is all the good messages that come from Disney – the morals and ethics that run throughout the story-lines of these classic films. I grew up with Disney films, and I absolutely loved the Princess ones (as did most of my friends) – Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I can certainly say with absolute conviction that it was not these movies that warped my idea of beauty and gave me a complex about my body image. That came later and was instigated by human beings, not cartoons! From these films, I gained imagination, a reinforced measure of what is right and wrong and above all, enjoyment.

I’d encourage those who feel the Princesses are bad role models to look at themselves, along with other factors in today’s society such as celebrity culture, a loss of respect for individuals in an overly critical society and social media for the real cause of body image issues in young girls.



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