Ideas of Beauty – 1940’s Beauty

As a society, we are constantly changing. Our opinions, our habits, and also what we find acceptable. The way we see ourselves and the way we feel we should act and look has also changed over the years.

How many adverts are now promoting weight loss foods, fitness fads, diet pills and such? Count how many are in between your favourite programs on television; in your magazine. Make-Up, skincare, hair, fashion; all for us to look a certain, socially acceptable way.

This isn’t a new thing. However back in the 1940’s, a very different look was in vogue.

In fact, if you were skinny in the 1940’s, you would probably feel incredibly self-conscious.

These adverts below all feature curvy women, marketing ‘weight-gain’ products to look a certain way. Notice the similarities – empty promises, made-up ingredients and potentially harmful advice.

Let me know what you think! Interesting, isn’t it?

Rose xx


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