Jar of Positivity

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I found this Jar of Positivity on Pinterest, and just had to share this great idea! It’s something you can prep now in time for January, or start straight away.

I love putting all my special photographs into albums and looking through them when I feel down to remind me of all the good memories and fantastic things in my life that I have to be grateful for. This is very much the same principle; yet uses words and is easier and less time consuming to do.

On January the 1st (or anytime!) get a nice big glass Kilner jar and decorate it however you wish. You might not want to decorate it – but I would because I’m a girly girl! Then as good things happen, make a note of them on some paper, fold it up and place it in in the jar. At the end of the year (or whenever you’re feeling down) take a look through your notes. They will remind you to focus on the good and remember all the positive things that happen in your life and surround you – even though it’s difficult to see them sometimes. Regain control and power over how you feel – in a very simplistic way!

Let me know if anyone is doing this – I think I am going to start mine on January 1st and do this next year.



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