PhotoShop Name and Shame – The Boys!

So it isn’t just girls who can suffer at the hand of the avid retoucher. Here’s a few examples below of how men have been altered beyond recognition using Photoshop.

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Not many fans would kick him out of bed with or without retouching, but the subtle differences in improved skintone are remarkable.


2. Matthew MacFadden – Famous for many a drool-worthy role in TV and film, this comparison yet again shows crucial differences in skintone and the eradication of imperfections without making him look alien.


3. Sven Barucha. Prime example – not too much, but just enough.


Seen any crazy photoshops? Share them with me!!






One thought on “PhotoShop Name and Shame – The Boys!

  1. Nice to see you showing that the boys give in to the retouch too. I guess they are under similar pressures as girls to constantly look their best. It tends to get ignored though as women’s body image seems to be a more traditional subject.
    Thanks for posting.

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