Self-Esteem in 60 Seconds – Letting Go of Perfect

‘Perfect’ (in every sense – not just physically) has a massive role to play in the development of Anorexia, Bulimia and other mental health problems. I’m a perfectionist, and this has definitely contributed to and exacerbated my conditions over the years. Concentrating purely on our aesthetic perception of ourselves though, perfect is something we’re taught is attainable. We’re made to feel as though we ‘should’ be perfect, and anything less is ‘ugly’. But wait – there’s no such thing as perfect – so how can this be? It’s easy to know that you shouldn’t be striving for perfect – deep down, everyone knows it can’t exist, and everyone’s version of perfect differs from the next. But it’s harder to let go of that concept we’ve fallen in love with. In this video I briefly explain how I let go and how you can, too!


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