Anorexia Support for Parents

Help with Anorexia for parents and family

My parents were instrumental element of my recovery from Anorexia – and I absolutely know that without them, I might not be here today. It’s so hard for the people left locked on the outside of Anorexia, because the person they love is disappearing physically and mentally and they often feel powerless to do anything about it.
The parents section of this website is really important because more often than not, it’s the young person’s family who are on the front line fighting for their loved one as they are unable at first to fight for themselves. With few resources on the NHS to help people with Anorexia and a lack of urgency and understanding, many cases worsen as they are left to exacerbate – with parents and family members standing by helplessly watching the person they love suffer. I know first-hand from speaking to my own parents that it is so frustrating and desperately worrying when access to help and support seems to be continually out of reach. When this is combined with unwillingness to access support from the person in question due to the nature of the illness, it can be incredibly difficult for family and friends to know what is best to do to help them.

As well as providing support for people going through Anorexia, I also want to recognise and support parents in their incredibly important and crucial role. This page is dedicated to parents – and here I’ve compiled a range of resources to help parents to know what to do, what to say and to help you to know that you’re not alone.


My parent handbook is available on Amazon and includes quotes from my parents about how they helped me through recovery. You can find free downloadable PDF excerpts from the book below.


I need help with: 




Body Whyse (Ireland)



Body Whyse (Ireland)

Body Dysmorphia and Body Image

BDD Association

This Girl Can

Body Positive

Bullying and General Mental Health


YASP (Manchester, run by Mind)

Hey Are You Okay? Campaign


Time To Change

Inclusive Choice

4th Day

DocReady (online resource to help you gather information ready for a visit to the GP)

42nd Street (Manchester)


Parent Resource PDFS

Helping others to understand anorexia

What is helpful and what’s not

Why do people develop anorexia?

What to do if you are struggling for support


Please note: This page is currently under construction – so if you would like to view any more of the parent resource documents please contact me and I will be more than happy to send the relevant PDFs over to you.