Inspirational Women


So today I was reading the news and once I got past the pages of superficial articles filled with plastic vacuous celebrities talking about their latest boob job, I came across this article. It really filled me with so much joy because it is just so positive and such a departure from what we’re all normally used to reading in the papers.

In India, acid attacks are sadly becoming an increasingly popular method employed by some to suppress women and serve as retribution for ‘bad behaviour’ which encompasses anything from wearing the ‘wrong’ clothes and hairstyle to the desire to be educated, or falling in love with someone ‘unsuitable’. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that nothing on earth these women could have done or said warrants this horrific penalty.

Rupa, Laximi and Rita have participated in a photoshoot by photographer Rahul Saharan, instigated by Rupa herself, who was attacked in her sleep by her stepmother. She has founded a fashion range, which she and the girls model in this very special photoshoot.

Not only are these beautiful women brave and inspirational, they have also set up a charity, Stop Acid Attacks, and Chhaon, a clean, safe centre for those who are undergoing treatment.

The women had previously been forced to hide their horrific scars with scarves to avoid probing stares and the frightened reactions of strangers, ashamed of their appearance and living with fear and little self-esteem. Yet now they ooze confidence and happiness, modelling beautiful clothing which promises a new horizon for them, doing what they love and are passionate about. I can only wish them the very best and I’m sure everybody reading this will agree!

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