Photoshop Leak – Cindy Crawford  

Last week saw two sets of unretouched (shock, horror) celebrity photographs leaked on the internet – with varied responses from the public and the media. As an avid campaigner for reducing the use of Photoshop and advocate for more realistic images in the media, I had to post on this one!

Cindy Crawford was actually the subject of one of my Inspirational Women posts a while back – she’s always been a natural beauty who of course is stunning and someone we all aspire to look like, yet she’s retained that real-ness and has aged gracefully, continuing her modelling career whilst remaining a positive role model for her daughters and for women all over the world.

cindy crawford leaked

This photo is part of a spread shot for Marie Claire, and apparently Cindy herself insisted that the photo was released in its raw state to show the stark difference between the before and after, which we’ve yet to see.

If this is true then I am really, really impressed with Cindy’s bravery for putting herself out there for the inevitable criticism of the small-minded, jealous people who will undoubtedly slate her (and actually already have) for her ‘less than toned’ stomach, or the ‘cellulite’ or the ‘saggy skin’.

I would like to say that I think Cindy looks FABULOUS for her age (she’s 48!) and more than that she looks real. It’s so refreshing and not at all displeasing to see someone looking so fantastic but so genuine and I really applaud whoever leaked the photos, especially if it was Cindy herself.

I make no secret of the fact that I would like to see many, many more unphotoshopped images in the media. Many people I speak to are surprisingly unaware of the extent that photoshop is used in the media – and in fact the press have been full of articles shocked at the stark differences between the edited and unedited photos emerging, questioning the heavy use of photoshop in our magazines and marketing.

What do you think? Were you aware that photoshop is used to such a great extent? Would you like to see more un-photoshopped images?

cindy 2



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Inspirational Woman – Cindy Crawford

An iconic model in the 1980s and 1990s, Cindy Crawford is world-renowned for her exquisite beauty and luscious curves.

Yet throughout her whole career, and even now, she struggles with body image issues. Despite a goal to ‘come to terms’ with her body before she is 50, she still remains sensible about food.

“Being five pounds lighter…what it would cost me…I don’t want to be like, no salad dressing, no wine, no fun.”

Unwilling to sacrifice the better things in life to be a certain weight or shape, Cindy is setting an example for all of us. There really is so much more to life than a number on a scale.

Cindy’s heyday feels like a lifetime ago, even though it is literally a matter of ten or twenty years. Back then, models had shapes, figures – no bones in sight. They looked happy and healthy, smiling was in vogue, as was having breasts and thighs and curves.

She has commented in the past that she would not be able to be a supermodel now. And she’s probably right. If so, Cindy would be ‘Plus Size’. But isn’t she beautiful? See some vintage Cindy below…