Ideas of Beauty – Pale and Tan

‘Pale is interesting’. Right? Chances are, you’re thinking ‘wrong.’ I know I am!

I love to be tanned; I feel healthy, happy and pretty.And many other girls I know feel this way. Fake tan is a huge business in this country; and ‘tanorexic’ is now recognized as an addiction to sunbeds. In our culture, it’s ‘cool’ to be tanned. Ironically in the UK we don’t have much sun, which is why we resort to such methods as above!

Elsewhere however, it’s a very different story. In Asia, the opposite is true. In some societies being tanned signifies working outdoors and ultimately poverty, as it did many years ago here.

When I worked for Estee Lauder, we stocked a different range at the airport for our Asian customers. These included whitening creams, to lighten skin-tone. If you go into an Asian beauty store, it’s likely you’ll see many different brands of this product. Some of these contain harmful chemicals and harsh bleaches, but in the name of beauty women still apply these to their skin.

The same is true of fake tan – many claim that the ingredients are potentially dangerous, especially to younger skin. But would you give up fake tan? I’m guessing not. The same is true of sunbeds and sunbathing – would you ever stay in the shade for the sake of your health, to sacrifice your tan?

Just remember – however you look and feel, you are conditioned to lean towards one idea of ‘beauty’. But of course we can’t all look the same. And there are many different types of beauty. Bear in mind when you are having a bad day that you only feel bad because you feel you don’t ‘conform’. It’s so hard to change something which has been embedded in you for a number of years, but study different cultures and see that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

Rose xx