How to eat well – frugally


In my post on 13th January, I discuss the expense of living and eating well.

Here are my top tips on eating ‘clean’ and nutritiously on a tighter budget:

  1. Shop Local. I’m not talking about these fancy ‘farm shops’ where a raspberry meringue sets you back £3 (although I do LOVE wasting money in those places). Most people think that going to your local grocer, butcher or fishmonger is expensive in comparison to the supermarket but often they are surprisingly competitive – don’t forget they now have to compete with the price wars going on at top level to keep local custom. You also have the added advantage of the produce being locally sourced and often organic, even if it is not advertised as such. Delicatessens stocking local cold meats and cheeses are also fab – there’s a lot of fairly-priced artisan food out there nowadays which is sourced right here in the UK.
  2. Look Online. Brands stocked in Holland and Barrett, Tesco and Win Naturally are mostly available online for a reduced price or in wholesale packs (ebay is good for this). Often if you place a large order you also get free delivery, so it’s win-win. The internet is also fab for buying dried fruit and raw nuts, which are frankly extortionate at the supermarket and only ever come in tiny bags! Specialist foods such as gluten free flours, oils and natural sugar alternatives are also more readily available.
  3. Buy in Bulk. Whether that’s through a mail order meat site such as Muscle Food or through your local butcher, as I say in my post about prep if you are lucky enough to have the freezer space, it’s easier (and cheaper) to think ahead and stock up with a lot of food at once. It will keep fresh and you can get excellent quality meat and fish at much lower prices when you buy a lot of it.
  4. Don’t discount Aldi and Lidl. So many more people are latching on to the Aldi and Lidl frenzy now but there are still many who are slightly sceptical when it comes to buying produce. I buy loads of basics (such as oats, unsalted butter, whole milk) from Aldi; but it’s also great for genuine specialist continental foods such as big juicy olives, rich cheeses and spicy meats. The fruit and veg is cheap as chips and they’ve even started an organic range now which unsurprisingly is also perfectly priced. Both Lidl and Aldi also do a great range of raw nuts – Lidl even has a ‘pick n mix nut bar’ where you can choose your own.

All in all, eating naturally will always cost you a little more than if you relied on processed foods. However if you can afford it, the benefits are incredible. Your body is your most precious asset!! I hope that this post demonstrates that it can be done on a budget.

Any more ideas I have missed on how to live and eat well frugally? Share them here!



Ideas of Beauty – Pale and Tan

‘Pale is interesting’. Right? Chances are, you’re thinking ‘wrong.’ I know I am!

I love to be tanned; I feel healthy, happy and pretty.And many other girls I know feel this way. Fake tan is a huge business in this country; and ‘tanorexic’ is now recognized as an addiction to sunbeds. In our culture, it’s ‘cool’ to be tanned. Ironically in the UK we don’t have much sun, which is why we resort to such methods as above!

Elsewhere however, it’s a very different story. In Asia, the opposite is true. In some societies being tanned signifies working outdoors and ultimately poverty, as it did many years ago here.

When I worked for Estee Lauder, we stocked a different range at the airport for our Asian customers. These included whitening creams, to lighten skin-tone. If you go into an Asian beauty store, it’s likely you’ll see many different brands of this product. Some of these contain harmful chemicals and harsh bleaches, but in the name of beauty women still apply these to their skin.

The same is true of fake tan – many claim that the ingredients are potentially dangerous, especially to younger skin. But would you give up fake tan? I’m guessing not. The same is true of sunbeds and sunbathing – would you ever stay in the shade for the sake of your health, to sacrifice your tan?

Just remember – however you look and feel, you are conditioned to lean towards one idea of ‘beauty’. But of course we can’t all look the same. And there are many different types of beauty. Bear in mind when you are having a bad day that you only feel bad because you feel you don’t ‘conform’. It’s so hard to change something which has been embedded in you for a number of years, but study different cultures and see that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

Rose xx