Lana Del Rey – ‘Tummy Controversy’

It’s such a shame that apparently nobody can be successful without having their appearance torn apart by journalists!

Recently Lana Del Rey has been filming the video for her latest single, in which she plays a stripper. Paparazzi snapped images of her on set, smiling and having a lovely time whilst wearing a few questionable outfits (all for the purpose of the theme, of course!)

However some people feel it is necessary to take this opportunity to berate Lana over her figure, stating that she is ‘too big’ and ‘not toned’ .

No, she doesn’t have the lithe, toned, muscle-and-bone figure of Miranda Kerr, but does that mean she isn’t beautiful or is ‘wrong’ in some way? Of course not, for God’s sake. There isn’t one type of beautiful. She looks normal. Since when did being normal become such a crime?

The Sun reported the story with positivity and praise for the singer, with the headline ‘Lana Del Rey Sizzles in Red Undies to Play Stripper in Video’.

Despite this, certain ridiculous individuals have felt the need to comment on her figure below. Here’s just a couple:

‘A fabulous voice, one of the more genuinely talented female performers around, just a shame she doesn’t tone her figure just a little.’ – Irrelevant?? This was coming from a man, so I can only assume that for him to make this comment he looks like Jake Gyllenhaal.

‘You got to be bacon to sizzle…this is just suet.’ No words for this, frankly. None that are non-offensive at least. Others continue in the same vein.

I’d love to see what these people look like – I’m pretty sure they won’t be oil paintings themselves. It’s pathetic that they feel they need to contribute in this negative, unkind manner – as I always say, bullying is usually borne out of insecurity.

Above all this again proves this expectation that those in the public eye should be perfect; and this expectation of course filters through and into our daily lives until we are all at a point where we are striving to ‘look perfect’ so as not to disappoint others.

My overall opinion is this: firstly, it’s not down to other people to criticize how you look and decide how you should be and how you should not be. Fact.  Secondly, if you are talented or successful people will try to put you down one way or another – they will just find something obvious to them. Finally – I really don’t think it matters that Lana isn’t stick thin. It’s refreshing and pleasing to see a celebrity looking pretty normal. She’s a singer – nowhere in her job description does it state that she should look like a rake. Why do these people care so much that she hasn’t been spending hours of her life in the gym? It baffles me.

Who’s with me?