Photoshop – Photoshop Name and Shame

Working in the industry in various different roles, including being a Make-Up Artist and Model, I understand that editing is both important and essential. However the purpose of these articles are to highlight when photo-shopping is harmful, irresponsible or misleading. Many celebrities are now hitting back at the notion of being photo-shopped beyond recognition – and Beyonce recently forced H&M to pull their whole campaign after they made her slimmer than she actually is, to be replaced by images that truly represented her size. These posts should also demonstrate to you that you really are striving for something that does not exist!

These girls DO NOT look like this in real life. To prove my point, I will be providing some images of me before and after editing. I haven’t been overly edited; but it’s important to see the small differences that make a perfect bigger picture. As a model I try and keep myself as good as I can possibly be – editing isn’t supposed to be used to alter huge flaws or change someone’s appearance completely. Watch this space everyone! For now, I saw this image a while back on Pinterest…and it’s so true!


Rose xx