Inspirational Women: Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel Campaign

You might have read my post on Belle Vere a couple of years ago – and if you did, you won’t be surprised to hear that this week I was SO happy to see this campaign in the headlines!

Lingerie giant Cacique’s range by Lane Bryant launched last week – with a brilliant ad campaign which directly challenges the controversial Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ campaign a few months ago. Provocatively titled ‘I’m No Angel’ with the tagline ‘I’m all kinds of sexy’ (CLEARLY referencing the elitist nature of VS advertising and lingerie sizing) – five of the world’s top plus size models (including Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine and Marquita Pring) are beautifully photographed beaming in black and white, looking like they’re having an incredible time.

The label ‘plus size’ does still annoy me a bit because honestly, it should read ‘normal sized’ – but there you go! It’s still really refreshing to see beautiful women who aren’t underweight or incredibly slim in a major ad campaign.

Do you like the #I’mNoAngel campaign? See more photos below!







Belle Vere – My Favourite ‘Plus-Size’ Shoot of All Time

This shoot for me epitomises real glamour, beauty and femininity. It’s a couple of years old, from Vogue Italia. The images are shot by Steven Meisel, and the first time I saw it I couldn’t stop looking at it – art at it’s best!

Most importantly, aside from all the over-used ‘so nice to see plus-size in Vogue’ arguments, it is unapologetically sexy and beautiful.

This, for me is a true representation of women. Confident, provocative, sensual and fierce – everything a woman should be!

Here’s a link to see the full gallery for Belle Vere – pics below!–The-plus-sized-models-of-Vogue-Italia-6957.html