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Sharing my experiences in an interactive way is something I believe to be very important. Mostly I talk to young people in schools and health professionals, but my courses and training packages can be shared anywhere with anyone – from adults who want to learn more about their bodies and improve their self-esteem to parents of children with Anorexia who need a first-hand insight and extra support.


Keynote Speeches and Talks

I was so pleased when I realised that people wanted to hear about my experiences as well as read about them. I give keynote speeches at a variety of different events and conferences – for more information please see below.

Training Courses

Following on from the books I compiled training courses as I was asked to share my experience in a way which would coach others to better understand and treat Anorexia. There are several training courses available both for individuals and groups, professionals and those needing help – please see below for details.



Body Image and Self-Esteem

Schools, colleges and universities

This talk covers many of the key initiators behind poor mental health and low self-esteem in young people, including bullying, perfectionism, social media and celebrity culture. Often it is these things and external pressures which result in negative internal dialogue and develop into more serious mental illnesses in teenagers and children and cause widespread unhappiness amongst the younger generations here in the UK. This talk offers a unique perspective on body image and is delivered by someone who recently experienced the same pressures and difficulties. It’s aimed at reducing the negative effect powerful outside influences can have on young people by offering a different perspective which they can take on board and engage with. I also share the tools and resources I have used myself to help me to overcome related challenges and use these to help empower young people to strengthen their own self-esteem and as a consequence achieve better mental wellbeing.

For adults

For adults I discuss the damage of diets and image-led culture and explain why this leads us to have a less favourable view of ourselves – as well as any bad experiences we may have had in the past. I expose celebrities, diet companies and photo-shop and prove to each and every single person in the room that they are beautiful, whilst also helping them to lessen the emphasis they place on how they look – discussing the things which are more important instead. I share the tools I have used to change my own perspective on how I look and help them to apply them in a practical, effective way. The aim with these is for everyone to leave the room feeling better about themselves – even just a little bit.

This talk can be presented as a package including a full presentation and books for everyone attending.


Body Image and Nutrition

Here I combine elements of my body image talk with a little ‘mythbusting’ around nutrition and a basic coverage of food and how it works in our bodies. Our bodies and minds are linked inextricably – and I believe that a better understanding of nutrition can greatly contribute to a more positive state of mind and perception of ourselves.

Schools, colleges and universities

I cover basic nutrition and explain why food is so important, before speaking with students candidly about my own experience with food and why nutrition matters to me. I talk about diets and diet companies, celebrity culture and social media, and explain that what we are told about food is not always correct. I go through each common misconception in turn, sharing my view and offering proof which they can then go forward and use to help others, and to help themselves to rationalise when questioning their own eating habits.

For adults

Firstly with adults I discuss diet companies and our distorted view of food and our bodies, to clarify and dispel any misconceptions before going into the true meaning of nutrition and explaining how my new understanding has changed my life, and how it can change theirs, too. Recognising that everyone in the room has different ideas of ‘healthy’ and motives behind them I use this course to offer a positive, truthful overview of nutrition and explain that the foods we often avoid are the ones which are best for us.


Anorexia for Professionals

This talk caters for any professionals who may come into contact with a young person (or an adult) with Anorexia or Bulimia – including teachers, GPs, doctors and nurses. I had a bad experience with a lot of the professionals I came into contact with when I was poorly – but I recognise that it is sometimes difficult to understand an eating disorder and know how to respond, especially without any in-depth training. That’s why I use my experience in a positive way to help make a difference for other people.


Anorexia: My Experience

For people with Anorexia

This talk is offered specifically to show people suffering with Anorexia now that recovery is possible. I desperately wanted someone who had been there to talk to when I was poorly – so this talk can be invaluable as it offers help and tangible advice and evidence which can be comforting and strengthening when someone is struggling with an eating disorder. I cover a lot of the points I discuss in my book Tough Cookie, including the things which I believe helped me to overcome Anorexia, and a lot of other valuable lessons I’ve learnt since.

This talk can be made into a package with books for all who attend.


For people without Anorexia

I’m keen to spread better understanding of Anorexia and Bulimia, so with this talk I discuss my experience and explain to people who haven’t really had much experience or have little knowledge or background information what it is like to suffer from and eating disorder, and what my journey has taught me.


Anorexia: For Parents

In this talk I discuss my own experience and recovery, but particularly focus on the important role my parents played, offering insights and quotes from them to support and guide parents going through this difficult time.


For more information on each of the above packages and what they involve please get in touch.