5 simple calming beauty rituals


Guaranteed to brighten any bad day!

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes it can feel like NOTHING will make you feel even a tiny bit better. You might not feel like it, but taking care of yourself in a way that doesn’t involve food can really make a difference to even the crappiest day. You can do these calming beauty rituals alone or with friends and family – plus they can be really simple or you can go to town! The choice is yours. Which one will you pick?

Rosewater Mini-Facial

There’s nothing like a bit of aromatherapy to lift your mood and brighten your day! The scent of roses has been proven to have a calming and uplifting effect on your mind and your body – plus rosewater has lots of skin-loving properties which are fabulous for all types of skin. I always tone my face morning and night with rosewater, but sometimes in the middle of the day I feel a bit oily or fancy a bit of a treat. Close your eyes and with a soft cotton pad gently smooth the rosewater all over your face. Mario Badescu has a beautiful Rosewater Toner with added Aloe Vera which is also beautiful – I keep it with me to spritz on the go! You can find pure rosewater online or at Asian grocery stores – just make sure its therapeutic or food grade.

Treat your feet

If you’re anything like me, your feet will be pretty battered. My circulation is still terrible, so my feet need a bit of extra love now and again. Invest in a plastic washing up bowl (you can get them from bargain and pound shops for pence!) and fill it with warm water, bubble bath and natural oil (olive oil and almond oil work REALLY well). If you like, add a few drops of essential oil. Essential oils can work wonders for the mind and body – each has different properties, or you might just like the smell of one in particular. I love sweet orange, rose, peppermint and almond. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes and relax! If you’re feeling fancy or love a regular foot treat then perhaps invest in an electric foot spa – they’re not pricey and just make the experience that little bit more luxurious.

Nail it

I always feel better with my nails done (hands and feet!). Plus research has shown that little things like having our nails painted a bright, happy colour can actually have a positive effect on mood. If you can’t afford to go to the salon, don’t worry – there are lots of good, inexpensive polish brands out there which can do the trick. I like Mavala, OPI and Barry M – plus you can check our this tutorial which promises an ‘at home’ gel manicure which lasts for weeks without the price tag!

Care for your hair

I talk a lot about hair loss on the blog because it’s a real problem for lots of people with eating disorders, anxiety and other mental health problems which cause the body and mind any sort of trauma. Why not take 10 minutes to give your hair a bit of a treat? Gently massage in a conditioning treatment – the best thing you can do is to use natural oils like avocado, castor, almond or coconut (you can take a look at my Rosemary Hair Oil recipe here). There’s something really therapeutic about sitting with a hair mask on under a warm towel, knowing it’s doing its magic under there. You can even combine it with my next tip!

Home-made face-pack

I love slathering on a natural face pack, sitting back and relaxing. There’s nothing like removing a pack to reveal fresh, soft glowing skin – plus it forces you to sit and relax because you can’t do much with a load of gunk on your face! Face masks are simple and cheap to make:

For dry skin:

– Blend 1 avocado with a little honey and yoghurt

Mix equal amounts of raw oats, water and milk with a little honey

For normal skin:

 – Mix a couple egg whites and lemon juice for a clarifying mask

– Banana milkshake – mash a banana with a little milk and slather all over your face (this one’s edible!)

For oily skin:

– Coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey (this one’s edible too!)

– Bentonite clay with water and honey


Got any simple, uplifting beauty rituals of your own? Share them with me!



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