Kelly Brook – Would You Call Her ‘Fat’?

Recently, Kelly has come under fire by ‘celebrities’ and the public alike recently for being ‘fat’ – and not for the first time.

In fact, Kelly is being berated purely because she has the confidence to be herself in the glare of the public and media eye. I find that when people criticize others in this way, it is a product of their own insecurity. Perhaps they are crippled by the expectations of others, unable to dress and look the way they want. Maybe this is the reason they feel they have to take a pop at beautiful Kelly – because they are envious of her ability to be her gorgeous self without following ridiculous diets and trends.

Her naturally porcelain skin, thick brown hair and enviable curves would have anyone feeling a little green, however my reaction to this is to admire her, not to bully her. An example of such recent jealousy is the cruel jibe from Glamour Model and all-round Z-Lister Katie Price, who branded Kelly a ‘heifer’. Frankly this reminded me of the sort of insult hurled between girls at school. However it proves my point – bullies are generally painfully insecure and feel they need to put others down to feel better about themselves. Katie is barely recognizable after years of cosmetics procedures have ravaged her face and body. Perhaps she should concentrate on herself (as she usually does), and leave others be.

In addition to this, public bullying (especially involving the rich and famous) set a terrible example to younger people, making it ‘acceptable’ or ‘favourable’ to assault others verbally and psychologically. Not only is Katie a bully, she is a terrible role model to her children and the children of others.



Would you call Kelly Brook fat?


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